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Write AMAZING Fiction: Stand Toe-to-Toe with the Bestsellers, Even if You're a Beginner

"Your book is such a good resource!

"I like how personal it feels, like you want authors to succeed. The assignments are purposeful, the examples varied and the guidelines helpful." -Nikki, beta reader

 Are common mistakes keeping you from getting a good review? Are you having trouble landing an agent or a publishing deal?

Do you just need help making your book great?

Author and editor, Patricia Renard Scholes, has won awards for her fiction. She has also made Amazon's Top 100 Best Seller list. She would love to help you get where you want to go. Let her help you.

Inside you'll find commonly misused words, plus a step-by-step method to hone your craft like a professional. It's complete with targeted assignments to provide necessary practice. Never again let it be said that you write like an amateur.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Make your characters as alive as your best friend or worst enemy
  • How and when to change Point of View (POV)
  • How to use dialogue to both move your plot along and define your characters
  • When to write the beginning (spoiler alert: it may not be at the beginning) ... and much, much more!

This small, power-packed book will help you launch your career.

This book is free. "Buy" it to receive a discount on your next editing project. Just save your proof of purchase.